The folk group Jõgevahe Pere


The Estonian folk group ‘Jõgevahe Pere’, which means ‘Family from River Village’, was founded at the second awakening period of Estonians in 1988. We come from Jõgeva town in the centre of Estonia.

Three female folkdance ensembles and a group of musicians called 'Tempora mores’ are active in our group.

The aim of the folk group is to maintain and introduce our forefathers' culture: traditions of Estonian authentic folk customs, dances, songs, music and handicraft.

We also dance modern dances created by Estonian authors as well as dances from other countries.


Folk dancing is our passionate hobby and many of us have danced for years.

Over twenty years we have learned about 100 different dances. It gives us an opportunity to combine them into various unique performances.

We have performed at several concerts of commune, county and country celebrations, Estonian Song and Dance Festivals; and successfully participated in dance competitions.

‘Jõgevahe Pere’ has represented Estonia in international festivals in Belgium, Hungary, France, Spain, Latvia and Egypt; also organized Baltica folkdance festivals and festivals in Estonia.

In total we give about 15-20 performances every year.